Vannfaste 40 dager våren 2023

Jeg brøt vannfasten morgenen 23. mai 2023.


En halv time før avsluttet 40 dager vannfaste.


Jeg brøt fasten med 2 dager med 50/50 økologisk tomatjuice og varmt vann. Deretter lettfordøyelig mat med høyt vanninnhold de neste ukene.

Etter en ukes tid gikk jeg på en parasittkur. Det kom ut en haug med parasitter (eller hva det er). Virker som de svekkes av en lang vannfaste.

Rundt en uke etter at jeg brøt fasten opplevde jeg uventede problemer med væskeansamling i føtter og hender samt vannblemmer. Mer om dette senere.

pH i urin under en lang vannfaste samt pH i aged urine.

Ouroboros. Oppdatering 6. september 2023. Jeg leste Carl Jung under fasten.

Morgen 10. mai 2023 20230510_081410 og ouroboros.


Det siste året har jeg lurt på hvorfor LDL øker under en lang vannfaste. Man spiser jo ingenting og ihverfall ikke fet mat! Endelig fant jeg noen som kunne si noe rimelig om dette. Man “spiser” i realiteten fet mat – sitt eget fett!

morgen-10-mai-2023-bilde06-20240320-154514 Cyclic therapeutic fasting, or how to turn excess weight into a source of health, beauty and longevity. Program designed by Dr. Voroshilov.

Hi, I did a 40 day waterfast a year ago. I had blood drawn right before the beginning of the waterfast and at the last day of the waterfast. The cholesterol parameter LDL increased during the waterfast. Do we know why this happens? What other blood parameters change during a long waterfast? 2024-03-20 15:45:14

Hi. Blood composition changes during a food pause: hemoglobin increases by 10-20%, leukocyte count increases, eosinophil count may decrease significantly due to suppression of allergic reactions, and lymphocyte count increases. As a rule, liver tests get better. Cholesterol may increase because the body is on a “fat diet”, which is completely normal. The statement “the body is on a fat diet” means that under starvation conditions, the body is forced to use fat stores as the main energy source. By doing so, fats are mobilized and oxidized to provide energy to cells. This process can lead to changes in lipid metabolism, including a temporary increase in blood cholesterol levels. 2024-03-20 16:55:56


Oppdatering 21. mars 2024. Idag hadde jeg en 40min tlf samtale med Dr. Justin Wise fra TrueNorth vannfasteklinikken i USA, California. Han sa det samme som Golod.

Wikipedia Alexander Golod is a Ukrainian former defense contractor and current scientist and alternative healer, focusing on pyramid research. He has theorized that pyramid structures have energy forces that bring several benefits, for both man and the environment. He has constructed seventeen fiberglass pyramids throughout Russia, the tallest at a height of 132 feet.


Voroshilov fasting program from Modified Qigong Breathing Exercise for Reducing the Sense of Hunger on an Empty Stomach. Alexander P. Voroshilov MD, Alex A. Volinsky PhD, Zhixin Wang MS and Elena V. Marchenko PhD. The other two steps include bile drainage followed by bowel movement using 2 liter enema combined with an exercise.

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