Amys parasitt program

Min venn Amy fra USA har lang profesjonell og personlig erfaring med parasitter og parasitt infeksjoner. Her er hennes beste parasitt tips.

Calling all Parasite Warriors! Here’s my tips on killing roundworm.

First, a little about me: I worked 20 years as a research wildlife biologist, capturing and releasing thousands of big game animals like deer, elk and bighorn sheep for restoration and research. I also investigated wildlife disease outbreaks. Poop was the cornerstone of much of my work. It provided valuable information on what animals ate, how stressed they were, what diseases they had and most importantly what parasites they carried. So when I got sick with Lyme, 6 co-infections, and multiple parasitic infections, I applied the science I knew so well on myself and my friends with Lyme.


I am focusing on roundworm because of dr Klinghardts axiom: “kill large to small”. Remove big guys like roundworm and the smaller guys like spirochetes, other bacteria and viruses will be much easier to kill. He has said that “80% of CFS patients have worms” and “Lyme Disease is not the cause of what we call Lyme Disease; parasites are (2015 Thriive talk). He has also said that the difference between an asymptomatic Lyme patient and one in a wheelchair is toxic load (chemicals and heavy metals) and the amount of resulting parasites. He believes we have parasites because of toxic load and the toxic load must ultimately be reduced to control parasites. Klinghardt oneradionetwork.

Roundworm are a formidable foe. This is because humans are the obligate host of Ascaris lumbricoides and we have co-evolved over millennia. They are extremely adaptive and are not easy to kill. They release loads of endotoxins and use a lot of our nutrients. As a result, Lyme patients with roundworm tend to have very low energy and carry a kind of sadness that has become unmistakable to me.

It is also very easy to become re-contaminated. Our food, especially if grown in Mexico, and even if organic, carries eggs and it’s difficult to kill and remove them all no matter what you soak your vegetables in. We ingest the eggs and they hatch in the small intestine. The larvae borrow through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. Here the immune system tries to kill the larvae and they are surrounded by white blood cells. If you are immune compromised from Lyme, or you have too many larvae, you may not mount an effective defense and the larvae travels to your lungs. You cough up the larvae and swallow. Now the larvae can grow into adulthood. Adults live attached to the small intestinal wall (and sometimes the colon wall) but detach to mate during the time around the full moon. (This is why they are easier to dislodge). Eggs are laid and the cycle repeats itself. Time from egg to full grown adult is 2-3 months. Adults range between 6 and 16 inches. In the worst cases, you can have hundreds of worms (rarely thousands).

A – Klinghardt-Yu protocol

A. The Klinghardt parasite protocol (based on Dr Simon Yu protocol) is outlined at the bottom of this post. It uses 5 Rx medications: (Praziquantel/Biltricide), Ivermectin, Pyrantl paomate, Albenza (I substituted Mebendazole which I found easier to tolerate) and Alinia. Of these, all but Alinia kill roundworm in my experience and all should be energy tested for compatibility before proceeding. There is a lot of information on these meds so I just want to say that if you are loaded with roundworm and other nematodes as well as protozoa, be prepared for rocky times. I have done this protocol 4 times but took breaks when I got too sick and/or lowered dosages. If you can’t tolerate Rx meds, choose not to use them, or need breaks between Rx cycles, here are alternatives that have worked for me:

B – Foods

B. Foods: Eat 1-2 for 1-3 days. Beginning with the most palatable they are:
-Figs. Biopure Paraficus 1 – 3 tablespoons. Or fresh figs (6 small or 4 large). Both strong. Amazon BioPure Paraficus Organic Freeze-Dried Ground Figs.
-Pomegranate. One whole one including seeds or 1 TBS powder (fresh is stronger).
-Papaya seed (1 TBS ground with half a medium papaya)
-Pumpkin seed from jack o lantern pumpkins (other pumpkin seeds are relatively weak)
-Raw collard green (I blend into a green drink with romaine lettuce and zucchini)
-Green chile (1/2 to 1 cup) or jalapeños. Don’t eat if ultra sensitive to nightshades!
-Horseradish, wasabi, or fresh ground or juiced ginger: as much as you can stand.

IMPORTANT: if you eat these foods regularly, they will not work because the parasites develop resistance. Only foods that you never or rarely eat will work. The only exception to this, at least for me, is figs. They always work and I freeze them for use in the winter.

Jeg legger til: ananas, hvitløk, kokosnøtt.

C – Herbs

C. Herbs. Add 2 of these: 1 to 2 caps of each am and pm. Take with something sweet to trick the roundworm into taking a big gulp. Any of these can be lyophilized (comment: made liposomal) with a blender, ultra sonic jewelry cleaner and a phospholipid which will increase their potency but I find that they are powerful as is.
-Mimosa pudica from Biopure. They sell powder which I encapsulate. I find that more palatable than drinking in water. Hopkinton Drug does capsules but not as strong.
-Black walnut hull extract
-Olive leaf extract
-Aloe ferrox (note: strong laxative and can cause cramping)
-Biopure artemesian and Biopure Neem

-Humaworm, the first herbal formula I tried, killed a few dozen worms on days 1 and 2. Composed of 25 herbs, some of which are allergenic to many people. I ended up buying the individual ingredients so I could eliminate the five that were problematic for me and my results were just as good. Humaworm may also customize their formula for you. Humaworm.

-Ann Louise Gittleman formulas. I haven’t tried them yet but she knows her stuff. Loved her book, Guess what came to Dinner. Ann Louise.

-A note about clove: this makes some people sick (including me) and doesn’t kill eggs as purported so I see no point in taking it unless you like it.

-Ten in One rizol oil from Biopure. Fill a small glass with a little water. Drop 1-10 drops of oil on water. Put a little more water on top and drink. If you don’t do it this way the ozonated oil will stick to the glass. Ten in one is the only thing that killed my fish tapeworm. Extremely powerful. Start with small dose.

D – Suppositories

D. Suppositories (rectal pills, stikkpille). I have not tried Biopure rizol and nexus suppositories but I love the idea. They support Klinghardt’s strong recommendation that its best to get parasites out whole; less decomposition means less toxin release. This is more likely to happen with suppositories (for making your own see thedetoxdudes suppositories.

Klinghardt says they also come out whole with MMS enemas, which I have not tried but friends that have report they have good success.

E – Strategies

E. Strategies:

  1. Alternate herbs and food. Energy test everything.
  2. Take something everyday unless you are feeling too toxic.
  3. Take 3 day to one week breaks but no longer than one week. You will be doing this continuously as much as you can tolerate, not just once a month on full moon nights.
  4. Do coffee enemas to clear toxins. Parasites do not like coffee enemas either. If can’t tolerate coffee do warm water, saline, or fennel tea enemas. You may need 2-3 a day. There is almost nothing as toxic as worms so once they are dead you want them out quickly. If possible also do colonics, especially if cannot do enemas. If you can’t do enemas or colonics, you will have to do laxatives. Whatever you do, don’t begin a parasite treatment program if you are constipated. You will become very sick.
  5. Always rotate parasite killers to overcome resistance
  6. Take yeast killers and metal chelators concurrently because roundworms sequester metals and yeast and release them when they die. Klinghardt says that parasites harbor 200x more lead and mercury than the tissues of host. Ideally he says you should do a metal elimination protocol 6 weeks to 2 months before doing a parasite cleanse. For this he likes Biopure zeolite with horsetail in it, biosil, horsetail tea (up to 6 cups a day) and large doses of chlorella. He also likes to pair Biopure cilantro tinture (special variety is grown by Biopure) 30 min before meal with a 30 min ionic footbath (one to two times a week—not more). He says that neither is effective alone. The footbath ionizes the water and this stimulates the kidneys through the feet to filter metals through blood. The stuff you see in the water is irrelevant. It’s what comes out in the urine that is significant, which is usually highest on day three.
  7. Take digestive enzymes and Betaine HCL with every protein meal. It is thought that low stomach acid contributes to roundworm persistence. Type A blood types tend to have low stomach acid whereas type O have high. You may not need Betaine HCL if Type O.
  8. Examine your poop! Otherwise you won’t know if you are successful. With food and herbal killers roundworm tend to come out partially digested. What do they look like? Worms! Stringy worms! Up to 16 inches long. They also tend to float. Prescription meds may dissolve roundworm and you may not see them. Mucus may look like roundworm. If unsure, run warm water over them. Roundworm will not dissolve but mucus will. How much to examine depends on you. You can poke around with a plastic fork or you can strain the contents, rinse with warm water, and have a clear picture of your results. I went a step further and dissected my finds.
  9. Keep journal with results.
  10. Take pictures to show your friends when they ask what you’ve been up
  11. Track the moon cycle and mark the full moon on your calendar. This is when you are going to hit parasites with your strongest protocol. Parasites are most active a few days BEFORE a full moon. By the time the moon is full mating has already slowed down. Most experts recommend starting a few days before and end a few days after. You kill more when you treat during active periods because roundworm detach from the intestinal walls to mate. Also some parasite experts say they are as active on new moon nights but I haven’t experienced this myself.
  12. Take Bulletproof coconut charcoal or another ammonia binder like yucca root or L-theanine before bed. Roundworms (as well as Lyme bacteria) release ammonia and stimulate glutamate release which increases adrenalin. This is what makes you feel so sick, wired and tired. Additionally, if you have significant mutations like CBS, COMT, BCMO1, ACT, SOD2, PON1, GAD, NOS, HFE, and MTHFR like me, you already have high free radical production, which is only made worse with parasite treatment. That is why it is important to do 23 and me genomic testing and use Bob Miller’s MethylGenetic Nutrition program to interpret. I am very impressed with the number of important snps in Bob’s program (more geared to Lyme than Nutrahacker and Sterlings App) and the information to address the mutations in my consult with him. Bob Miller, Tree of Life.
  13. Take Calcium-d-Glucarate to rapidly decrease adrenalin and the anxiety it causes. Whenever you feel anxious take it. I take 500 mg capsules one to 3 times a day with or without food. It is not calcium. It also binds toxins and helps ensure proper estrogen metabolism to prevent estrogen sensitive cancers. Enhances phase 2 liver detox pathway.
  14. Increase fiber — soluble and insoluble. The bulk helps expel roundworms. Good sources are avocado, sweet potato, butternut or other winter squashes. Psyllium seed husk is also good but only if you tolerate it.
  15. A note about bile: low bile production may also contribute to persistence of roundworm. Dandelion root tea stimulates bile production and phosphatidylcholine, IV or gelcaps helps produce and thin bile. Bile is mostly made up of phosphatidylcholine. Because bile is so important to digest food and control roundworm, liver flushes are very beneficial. These clear the stones that block the ducts and gallbladder from releasing bile. They also are terrific at flushing liver flukes and roundworm as well as dead worms, larvae, and eggs in the ducts. They are my least favorite treatments to do, but I find that almost nothing makes me feel as well afterward. I also feel that without cleaning the ducts you will always have a reservoir of re-infection.
    Alternatively you can also do castor oil packs and liver compression as highly advocated by Klinghardt: youtube THRiiiVE Summit #13: Liver Compression Technique (Dr Dietrich Klinghardt). Klinghardt likes to emphasize that you have 2000 miles of bile ducts.
  16. A note about testing: Klinghardt generally does not recommend parasite testing because most parasites self-destruct within 20 minutes of being expelled and are jelly upon arrival. I sent my poop to Africa and the lab report said I had nothing. I sent it to Genova Labs twice and ditto (other than protozoa). The only lab that turned up anything significant was Diagnos-Tech. They diagnosed me with pork tapeworm, which was close: I actually had a fish tapeworm—30 feet long — I got from eating undercooked Alaskan King salmon. I now cook all my fish until well done and haven’t eaten sushi since. Three days of 10 drops of Ten-in-one rizol killed the tapeworm – but that’s a story for another time.
  17. A note about dark field microscopy: I thought I was done with roundworm treatment until I went to Germany a few years ago for apharesis. They drew my blood, put it under the microscope, and roundworm larvae appeared. The doctor said this is not uncommon—especially in American Lyme patients. My white blood cells were attacking them but this meant I was still infected. This brings up the question: Are you ever done? I am not sure. But I do know that the renewed energy is worth the effort. The more parasite and toxin cleansing I do, the better I feel. When full of parasites you can’t be you.

Klinghardt prescription protocol

Klinghardt Rx Parasite Protocol: The following drugs are used for a year in rotation to kill parasites.

  1. Biltricide 600 mg – twice daily, every 12 hours for two days. Absorption increases most when taken with a high carb meal. A high fat meal increases it almost as much. Take with grapefruit juice to increase absorption also.
  2. Ivermectin. 12 mg four times per day for fourteen days (take at the same time as Pyrantel Pamoate) on an EMPTY stomach. Can cause side effects in eyes. I have been advised to stop if my eyes begin to blur which happened. Some versions say to take 4 mg 4 times a day. This is what I did.
  3. Pyrantel pamoate (liquid – 4 teaspoons) 1000 mg per day at bedtime for fourteen days. Or compounded capsules.
  4. Albenza 400 mg – Two 200 mg tablets twice per day every 12 hrs for 14 days (after completing 14 days on Ivermectin and Pyrantel). Take with food and FAT. Some people drink a few shots olive oil.
  5. Alinia 1000 mg – Two 500 mg tablets twice per day (every 12 hrs) for fourteen days (after completing Albenza).
  6. Mimosa Pudica (Biopure) – ½ teaspoon 2x/day for fourteen days mixed in water or juice.
  7. Arteminisin (Biopure) – 200mgs 2x/day for fourteen days. Take with 4 oz. of grapefruit juice 30 minutes before meals to potentiate effect.

Ivermectin needs to always be taken on an empty stomach.
Albenza with a fatty meal or a few shots of olive oil, at a minimum.
Billtricide best with carbs and fat.
Key Pharmacy can compound all of these and will be cheaper for some esp albendazole.
All Day Chemist is an offshore pharmacy that is also cheaper. May require Rx now.

Ascaris Lumbricoides (roundworm).

Ascaris Lumbricoides (roundworm). Cylindrical body, it has differentiated sexes, the male can grow from 10 to 31 cm long, while the female from 25 to 35. The female’s extremities are conical, and in the case of the male, the rear extremity is curved. The female can lay, daily, near to 200,000 eggs during its lifetime, which lasts between 12 and 18 months. Bildet fra flickr.

Bannerbildet av Ascaris Lumbricoides fra wikipedia.

Oppdatering 4. april 2024. I Egypt er parasitter vanlig og legene der kjenner godt til problemet. Dr Samir Ahmed.

Flat jord og beregning av når båt forsvinner bak horisonten

Anta du står på land og ser en seilbåt reise i retning horisonten. Hvor langt må den seile før den er bak horisonten og ikke lengre synlig på grunn av jordens krumning?

Noen lurer fortsatt på om jorda er rund eller flat. På facebook argumenterer Christian Paaske for flat jord. Det er interessant å lese. De overbeviste kaller seg gjerne flatearthers. Jeg tror jorda er rund. Men er åpen for å høre andre syn på saken. Dessverre er ikke argumentene til flatearthers veldig overbevisende. Et argument som går igjen er “ja men når du ser utover havet så er det jo flatt”. Men det er selvsagt fordi kulen er så stor.

Et motargument er observasjonen at båter forsvinner gradvis over horisonten. Man kan regne ut avstanden til horisonten, og avstanden til når båten forsvinner helt bak horisonten. Man kan så sette opp et eksperiment og se om tallene stemmer med virkeligheten. Hvis beregningen stemmer med eksperimentet tyder det på at båten forsvinner bak horisonten på grunn av jordens krumning og at jorda dermed er rund.

Forenklinger. Vi ser i det følgende bort fra gravitasjonens virkning på lyset. Vi ser bort fra vanndamp som endrer lysets brytning. Vi ser bort fra bølger.

Beregning horisont og forsvinningspunkt

Anta du står ved havet og skuer utover horisonten. Det er intet land eller øyer eller andre ting som hindrer utsikten. Anta en seilbåt reiser fra der du står i retning horisonten. Seilbåten er 5 meter høy over havoverflaten (h2). Du selv står på en stein og det er 2 meter fra havoverflaten til øyehøyde (h1). Vi antar at jorda er rund. Etterhvert vil du på grunn av jordens krumning ikke kunne se de nedre delene av seilbåtens skrog. Dette begynner å skje når seilbåten har nådd horisonten. Hvor langt må seilbåten seile før hele seilbåten er ute av syne (l1+l2 i horisontallinje, eller det mer nøyaktige b1+b2 langs jordens buede overflate)? Angi svaret i meter. Eller eventuelt anta at avstanden til horisonten er H og angi svaret som en multiplikator av H.

Utledning av formler for avstandene. h1 er høyden av observatøren. h2 er høyden av båten. l1 er horisontalavstanden fra observatør til horisont. b1 er avstanden fra observatør til horisont langs jordens buede overflate. l2 er avstanden fra horisonten til punktet der båten forsvinner ut av syne. b2 er denne avstanden langs jordens buede overflate. Avstanden fra observatør til punktet der båten forsvinner ut av horisonten blir (l1+l2) eller (b1+b2).
Utledning av formler for avstandene. h1 er høyden av observatøren. h2 er høyden av båten. l1 er horisontalavstanden fra observatør til horisont. b1 er avstanden fra observatør til horisont langs jordens buede overflate. l2 er avstanden fra horisonten til punktet der båten forsvinner ut av syne. b2 er denne avstanden langs jordens buede overflate. Avstanden fra observatør til punktet der båten forsvinner ut av horisonten blir (l1+l2) eller (b1+b2).
Avstand fra observatør til punktet der båten forsvinner ut av horisonten kan uttrykkes om H*sqrt(h2/h1). Hvis observatøren er 2m høy og båten er 200m høy blir dette H*sqrt(200/2)=10H. Avstanden fra horisonten til båtens forsvinnigspunkt er 10 ganger avstanden fra observatør til horisont.

Observatørhøyde 2m og båt 5m lengde 13km

2m høy observatør, 5m høy båt. Avstanden til horisonten er rundt 5km. Avstanden fra observatør til punktet der båten forsvinner bak horisonten er rundt 13km, eller mer nøyaktig 13029m.

Make an image of a big sailboat going in the direction of the horizon. The boat has just passed the horizon so that parts of the lower hull is not visible. The curvature of the earth is visible. The sky is grey and with clouds.

Observatør 2m og båt 100m lengde 41km

2m høy observatør, 100m høy båt. Totallengde rundt 41km, mer nøyaktig 40 741m.

Observatør 2m og båt 200m lengde 56km

2m høy observatør, 200m høy båt. Totallengde rundt 56km, mer nøyaktig 55 524m.

Båten forsvinner fortere og fortere fra synet når den har kommet over horisonten punktet. Det er på grunn av jordens krumning.


Brighton og den engelske kanal

Jeg var i Brighton i 2019 på et ART kurs. Her er det uhindret utsikt utover den engelske kanal mot Frankrike. I horisonten var det vindmøller og en oljerigg. Det så ut som de nedre delene, spesielt oljeriggen, skjult av horisonten.

Utsikt over den engelske kanal fra Brighton. Vindmøller og en oljerigg (til høyre i bildet) er delvis skjult i horisonten på grunn av jordens krumning.


Jeg stilte spørsmålet til chatgpt 3.5 og chatgpt 4.0. Viste seg at gratisversjonen chatgpt 3.5 svarte best. Ingen av de klarte hele oppgaven. Jeg stilte spørsmålet med 2 forskjellige formuleringer. De svarte best når formuleringen var “chatty” med litt ekstra informasjon som ikke var strengt nødvendig for å løse oppgaven. Kanskje er dette en egenskap ved LLM modeller, Large Language Models. De er ikke regnemaskiner med kan ved hjelp av opptrening på det skrevne ord og en meget stor datamodell sette sammen setninger korrekt.

  1. chatgpt3.5 svarte bedre enn chatgpt4.0
  2. En “chatty” spørsmålsformulering fungerte best
  3. Begge svarte mye feil. Vanskelig å avgjøre hva som er riktig og galt uten å kjenne fasiten.

Chatgpt3.5 første spørsmålsformulering

chatgtp3.5. Den klarer første del av oppgaven. Men ikke andre del. Den er flink til å snakke usant så det er ikke åpenbart hva som er riktig og galt uten å ha gjort beregningene selv.
Her blir det helt feil. Den klarer ikke engang enkel algebra. I overgangen mellom nest nederste linje og nederste linje ser den bare bort fra faktoren 25.

Chatgpt3.5 andre spørsmålsformulering

Jeg lurte på om en mer presis formulering av spørsmålsstillingen ville hjelpe.
Av en eller annen grunn legger den til høyden av båten når den skal finne avstand fra observatør til horisont. Mer presis spørsmålsstilling hjalp ikke. chatgpt35 er en LLM og ikke et regneprogram. Så den liker åpenbart at spørsmålene er litt chatty og ikke bare inneholder den helt essensielle informasjonen.

Chatgpt4.0 første spørsmålsformulering

Samme problemstilling for betalingsversjonen, chatgpt4.
Den klarer på et vis å beregne avstanden til horisonten selv om tekst og beregninger ikke helt samsvarer. Men den klarer ikke å beregne avstanden fra horisonten til punktet der båten forsvinner. Gratisversjonen chatgpt35 klarte oppgaven bedre.
Den legger sammen høyden til observatør og båt for å finne “effektiv høyde”. Tror ikke det blir riktig.

Chatgpt4.0 andre spørsmålsstilling

En mer presis formulering av spørsmålet. Her er det lite som er riktig.