Denne siden er under utarbeidelse.

Jeg leste boken “The yeast syndrome: how to help your doctor identify & treat the real cause of your yeast-related illness” av John P. Trowbridge. Og forsto at jeg kanskje hadde candida (en type gjærsopp). Det hele endte med at jeg fikk diagnostisert candida hos en annen lege, gikk på en urtekur mot candida over flere år, og ble mye bedre.

Hennes test så på antistoffer mot Candida albican (eller muligens avfallsstoffer fra denne). Og testen viste at det ble dannet antistoffer, noe som viste at jeg hadde en allergi mot Candida. Dette er vanlig å utvikle ved Candida infeksjon og er en måte å diagnostisere det på. Jeg kan ikke helt vurdere hvor treffsikkert dette er. Jeg fikk med en gang resept på Fluconazol (diflucan), som er et aptekmiddel mot candida. Jeg opplevde med en gang symptomlindring. Så da var det ganske klart at jeg hadde candida. Bauman sa at hun hadde hatt pasienter på fluconzol i 3 år. Jeg er ikke komfortabel med å gå på medisiner så lenge. Jeg gikk på fluconazol i 5 uker. Deretter begynte jeg på en urtekur. Jeg fikk hjelp av candida eksperten Michael Biamonte i USA. Vi hadde månedlige telelfonmøter og jeg kjøpte urter av han. Etter et halvt år var candida symptomene borte. Jeg gikk på kuren i 3 år før jeg sluttet med tilskuddene. Jeg har ikke hatt candida tilbakefall siden.

Jeg fikk hjelp av Michael Biamonte i USA til å bli kvitt candida. Jeg begynte på hans program høsten 2012. De viktigste symptomene forsvant etter omtrent et halvt år. Jeg gikk på programmet i omtrent 3 år. Jeg ble kvitt candida og har ikke hatt tilbakefall.

todo: Jeg teste for sopp på Tveintanklinikken i 2012 (bmlam, genova lab), sjekk prøvene derfra.

Jeg skrev en tilbakemelding av Michael Biamonte på yelp:

I am a 40 year old male from the country of Norway, living in the country of Norway. I have never met Michael Biamonte in person, only on telephone calls.

For more than 20 years I have had various health-issues, many related to food and sleep. When eating I have often felt terrible afterwards, with this problem slowly increasing in later years. My sleep problems also have gradually increased, until a point of burn-out in later years. Most days I did not function in work or else. MDs in Norway was of no help. I read lots of litterature myself and finally understood that candida might be the problem. So I researched the internet to find somebody to get help from, and found Dr Biamonte.

My approach to heath is that you have to take responsibility yourself, and be willing to learn, so that you yourself can take informed decisions. M Biamonte was from day 1 a “candida-guru” for me – he knows a lot about this. For one thing he could explain the source of my candida – mercury poisoning from my 6 mercury fillings. I ran with his supplement program – and it worked very well. My worst symptoms were gone after about 6 months, and after 1 year I was back working full time. I continued the full supplement program for another full year. Now, three years later, I do a reduced supplement program. I still stick vigorously to the eating program, and will probably do that for many years.

The first year I had monthly phone-conferences with Dr Biamonte. Every conference I had lots and lots of questions – and he could answer. I do not find him to be particularly expensive, rather the opposite. It costs about 100 dollars for our monthly 1/2 hour consultation, this is approximately what it costs to see a private MD here in Norway. The supplements costs about the same as supplements elsewhere – but there are many of them (around 5) so there is a cost to this. I think I payed a total of about 7200 dollars for the first year on this program (600 dollars/mnth, including shipping to Norway which is about 125 dollars/mnth), and the same for the second year. It was money well spent. At any point I could email questions, and get answers – for free. Other experts are much more expensive.

Dr Biamonte must be world-class when it comes to getting rid of candida. One thing that did not work for me was his urine-test – it never gave substantial results for me. It was more about the symptoms. He knows a lot about hair-testing, which was a great surprise. When it comes to other related topics – populating the gut with good bacteria, adrenal burn-out, parasites, he knows a lot, but not everything. So one should take the time and effort to informe oneself – this is valid in health, as in so many other aspects of life.

Today, three years later, I still have mild detoxification symptoms, and expect that to last for a few more years. I do not need the regular consultations anymore. I still get free email answers, and I still buy a reduced supplement program. Dr Biamonte knows a lot, and his approach is very sensible. I found phone-conferencing to work very well.

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july 20 1959 time magazine kozo ohishi c. albicans
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Kozo Ohishi, 46, went home to Pippu (pop. 8,600) in northern Japan last week, celebrating with proud sobriety the end of a 25-year binge during which he “never touched a drop.”,9171,892767,00.html#paid-wall

Candida, Lisa Richards, Acetaldehyde and candida the connection, min kommentar
Candida, Lisa Richards, Acetaldehyde and candida the connection, min kommentar

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